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Red Cup Revolt owner DeAnthony Dulaney

Beyond the Canvas

Project Azalea, 2016

Being artistically inclined is a gift. A gift some wish to have. A gift that is so unique. A gift that is able to turn a piece of paper into a work of art. Being able to express a feeling through art is something special. Something, DeAnthony Dulaney has no trouble with.

Local artists transforming eyesore in downtown Mobile.

Fox 10 News, Lee Peck , 2016

Doing what they do best, local artists group "Red Cup Revolt" is transforming an eyesore in downtown Mobile into a work of art. "We really just wanted to show our work on a larger scale and kind of beautify Mobile a bit," said DeAnthony Dulaney, artist.


Urban art show challenges perception in Downtown Mobile

By Jared Boyd |  

Posted May 30, 2016

Mobile visual artist DeAnthony Dulaney and his Red Cup Revolution group of artists have been preparing for a moment in the limelight for close to a year...

Alabama’s Cultural Renaissance
Conde Nast Traveler, 2017
Alabama is experiencing a major cultural renaissance that we need to talk about. Here, we follow three Alabamians who share their stories about craft, community, and their love for everything that Alabama has to offer.
Spotlight: Red Cup Revolt
Mobile Bay Magezine, 2018

Members of local urban art group chat with Mobile Bay Magazine about everything from Instagram, to how they met, and the message they hope to send to society.




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